Mr. United States 2017 

L.I.F.T Communities

(Leading Inspiring Futures Together)


Leading Inspiring Future Together is a platform inspired by the need to create more visible and accessible public leaders in our community. Leading Inspiring Futures Together is a 3 pillar platform that encourages young leaders in communities to be a catalyst for social and economic change through education: ‘By educating yourself, educating your community, and educating the world about your community.’ Many years of mentorship to young men has equipped me with the unique skill set and desire to effectively reach out to my community and address social issues. Starting with my mentor program TIES FOR CHANGE I sought to empower young leaders to become a positive force in their communities by enhancing their professional and interpersonal skills.

While Incarceration and premature death plagues our communities. Cynical acts of violence and hate crimes are a manifestation of negligent guidance for ill informed youth. As Mr. Florida, United States it is my responsibility to be a spokesperson for our communities that lack educational access, mentoring programs, and community leadership. But more than just talk, I want to help stem the tide of unfortunate events that are a daily occurrence. The result of this will be creating young community leaders that will pass on the knowledge they acquired in the program via peer-to-peer education and community outreach. Events are tentatively being planned to take place in my hometown Orlando, FL that will focus on making the general public aware of my title along with my mission. Winning Mr. United States would be an honor and privilege that would provide the exposure needed to expand the mission of L.I.F.T Communities nationally and around the world.

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